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Droid Arena is a fast paced local multiplayer game where two droids fight until one is destroyed. Drop mines, grab pickups including, 2 x fire power, different amounts of health and a shield. More pickups are planned.


TLDR Grab a friend and start playing. The game is easy to pick up and play.

To play Droid Arena simply find a friend and use controllers or keyboard controls, WASD, Space and Shift. for player 1 and Arrow Keys, Enter and Delete for player 2.

NOW SUPPORTS XBOX 360 CONTROLLERS (some other controllers may work)

Press 1 or 2 to start a game. Bullets will bounce around forever until they hit a player or an energy wall.

Great music | Retro sound effects with positional audio | Droids take visible damage and slow down | Many additional features are already in the pipeline.

More info.

In standard mode you can destroy enemy bullets with your own. In Chaos mode the bullets will pass through each other meaning many more bullets on the screen.

Use parallel walls and or objects to set up streams of bullets that will bounce around until absorbed by you or hit by your enemy (and their bullets if in standard mode) Set as many of these kill zones as possible.

Drop mines in the path of enemy droids. Mines can't be dropped in the tunnel. Mines do considerable damage and should be avoided at all costs. You can safely pass over your own mines. You start the game with 3 mines and an extra mine is added every 20 seconds if you are below your full compliment of 3.

Once  a droid has taken considerable damage it will show visible signs of that damage in the form of some damaged panels and will trail sparks. It will also slow down although it's firepower will remain the same. Once it takes a lot of further damage it will slow down even further and will show yet more panel damage and will trail even more sparks.

1 to 4 objects are placed at random at the start of a match. Use them to change the direction of your bullet streams.

The tunnel (indicated by animated chevrons) can be traversed by both Droids and bullets so be sure to use it to fire through or run away if needed.

Energy walls can be fatal to droids. If you hit one, they will drain a full health droids energy in about 1.5 seconds, so you have to be very careful around them.

Pickups appear at random in the arena. Some are simple and give extra health upon contact. Some are more complex and give 2 x firepower or a shield for 10 seconds. Use them to your advantage. Many more pickups are planned.

Shields are now in the game. A shield will stop all damage from standard weaponry and will absorb half of the blast of a mine. Shields have no effect against energy walls and they will still drain your energy in 1.5 seconds.

Health is regenerated at 1 health per 2 seconds, and now health pickups are available.



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Haven't had a chance to play it 2 player yet, hopefully I can get a friend or at least my wife to play it with me soon, but I couldn't help but check it out one player. I can already tell it's going to be a lot of fun! Just had to let you know, I will get back to you again after I get a 2nd player in!

I hope you are planning on doing a 1 player version too, that would be killer!

Thanks. I have found it fun 2 player. I think you will like it. I am hoping to add AI drones into the game for a single player experience but I'm concentrating on 2 player at the moment.